The New York Daily News used the wedding photos to humiliate the bride and her “close-knit Italian-American family” by publishing them with headlines like “Mob Wife Whines” and “Guilty goon’s wife learns it’s not easy being married to the mob.” The bride claims the New York Daily News violated her privacy by selling the photos.

Media coverage of Paula Pipitone’s controversy (Source)

Paula Pipitone sued JoVon Fine Art Photography – but not the Daily News – in Queens County Court. She claims the studio “received some form of consideration from the Daily News in exchange for copies of Ms. Pipitone’s wedding pictures.”

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Bonanno Soldier Vito Pipitone with his Bride Paula During their Wedding in 2009

In 2009, Pipitone, whose real name is Paula Biancaniello, wed Vito Pipitone, a reputed member of the Bonanno dynasty. She claims that under the terms of her contract with the wedding photographers, JoVon was only permitted to use the images “for advertising reasons” and not for resale. “Vito Pipitone, whose Hawaiian honeymoon was interrupted by a federal indictment in Brooklyn, was sentenced to 3½ years Tuesday despite an impassioned plea for leniency from his wife.

She asserts that she, along with her “immediate and extended family,” have been “placed in shock” by the media inquiries and other consequences of the images’ release in print and online.

She continues, “Defendant’s use of Plaintiff’s photos is for trade and commerce, in conjunction with defendant’s sale of photographs and advertising of its business, and is not related to newsworthy events.”

What Paula Pipitone Claims to Be:

This section contains the claims made by the PR team of Paula Pipitone to bury the news articles associating her with her criminal husband.

paula pipitone

Paula Pipitone is an executive administrative specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry. In New York, she is currently working for a nonprofit. Pipitone enjoys spending time with her family, reading, exercising, traveling, cooking, hiking, and seeing ballet in her free time. Pipitone provides help to CEOs and managers at all organizational levels while paying close attention to every little thing. She works for FINRA, a nonprofit organization that protects investors and market integrity, as the senior vice president’s assistant. Pipitone began working with the company in March 2007.

As a seasoned executive-administrative professional, Paula Pipitone understands the importance of developing a collaborative culture in the workplace. 

In an interview, Paula Piptone mentions about 5 golden rules for collaborative workplaces which are Communication, Sharing of knowledge, Engagement, Trust, and the last one is Transparency.

Paula Pipitone- Portfolio

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paula pipitone
paula pipitone
paula pipitone
paula pipitone
paula pipitone

Paula Pipitone’s Blog – A Clear Attempt by Her Marketers to Hide Her Criminal Associations

There are many tactics adopted by PR teams to make their clients seem more legitimate than they actually are.

In the case of Paula Pipitone, her marketers have promoted her as a business expert. However, the topics covered on her blog don’t reflect any expertise in businesss administraiton. In fact, the blog is only an amalgation of random topics talking about nothing but filler content.

Some of the topics Paula Pipitone’s blog has covered include:

  • Is ballet a performing Art?
  • How can parents encourage their children to read
  • Which state pays the most for administrative assistants

Paula Pipitone – The Verdict

The FBI Arrested Pipitone on Assault Charges Whilst the Newlywed Couple Were on their Honeymoon in Hawaii

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According to the Daily News, Vito Pipitone was given a 312-year jail term in November 2010 for stabbing and beating two teenagers he thought were responsible for smashing windows at a restaurant in Queens that the mob was supposedly guarding.

The Daily News reported about Vito Pipitone on November 30, 2010, and updated that item on June 24 of this year “He even botched the beating by attacking the wrong people who were allegedly responsible for shattering windows at the mob-protected Napa & Sonoma restaurant in Whitestone, Queens. Anthony Pipitone, a rumored Bonanno capo, and Pipitone’s brother both admitted guilt to the assault.”

Paula Pipitone demands punitive damages for invasions of privacy, contract breaches, violations of civil rights, and willful infliction of mental distress. Also, she wants JoVon to be told to cease selling her photos.



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